Reference builder of complex ships, STX France is renowned also for its activity on the navy market. Thanks to their design capabilities and huge yard facilities, Saint-Nazaire yard has delivered to the French navy, three new-generation Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD) built in Saint-Nazaire or in cooperation with DCNS yards.


LHD Dixmude is a multi-purpose ship ensuring the operational functions of amphibious ship, helicopter carrier, central command ship and hospital ship. She is capable of inserting mechanized forces from a landing dock, projecting air power against marine or land targets, bringing logistic support for naval task groups and also intervening on humanitarian aid missions. The 750sq m hospital is fitted with 20 rooms among which 2 operating rooms and 1 x-ray room. Its 69 beds capacity can be increased with 50 additional beds installed in the helicopter hall fitted as a field hospital with modular equipment. The class could be adapted to the specific requirements of each navy.
Length overall
199 m
32 m at the helicopter deck level
Maximum speed
19 knots
Full load displacement
21,500 t
160 crew - 450 troops
11,000 NM at 15 knots
Carrying capacities
16 helicopters