Research and seismic vessels

Expert in mastering noise and vibration issues, STX France asserts itself as a trusted designer and builder of research and seismic vessels. This up-to-date expertise is essential at both stages as the operation of such ships shall not generate sound disturbances able to contaminate measurements.

Likewise, the technological lead gained by STX France through its ECORIZON® program is directly applicable to the specialised vessel market on various points as:

Decrease in energy consumption for research ship

Those large ships are operating over long period of time at slow speed while towing heavy streamers. By doing so, they are heavy fuel consumers. Thanks to the innovations developed by STX France, their fuel consumption can be reduced by 15%

System efficiency

STX France puts its expertise in diesel electric propulsion and PMS (Power Management System) management, at the owner disposal at low cost.

Optimal integration of measurement appliances

As STX France can rely on hydrodynamics experts, the company is able to propose a purposely integration of sonars to optimise their efficiency.

Enfin, la renommée de STX France acquise sur les navires à passagers est également appréciée des équipages qui bénéficient de locaux de vie alliant le fonctionnel à des standards de confort élevés.
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