Accommodation at sea

On its passenger ship core markets, STX France has demonstrated its capacity to master the issues connected to flow arrangements, to life on board (fresh water production, HVAC systems…) and to the environment (waste management, water management …). From now on, the company is extending this expert knowledge to specialized ships intended to accommodate and transfer the people in charge of the offshore field maintenance.

Then, STX France is developing concept ships able to accommodate 80 - 250 or 500 persons for whom the transfer on to offshore fields is ensured through:
• Helidecks
• Boat landing systems
• Compensated gangways
• LARS (Launching and Recovery Systems) fitting the requirements of the offshore windmill maintenance.

Thanks to their mobility and flexibility, STX France’s solutions feature operational advantages. Finally, in a market where safety is a key element, the yard expertise in this field is a major asset.