Intended for the Oil and Gas market and the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) one, these ships are able to accommodate the staff working on the offshore fields. Their specific equipment allows a safe transfer on to the operation areas through various systems.
STX France expert knowledge on noise and vibration issues, together with its technical know-how in terms of electronic system integration, allows the yard to stand as a trusted designer and builder of research and seismic vessels.
Since years 2000, STX France expert knowledge in mastering the gas cycle on board ships is largely renowned. Relying on this, STX France is developing small scale LNG ships to refuel the LNG ships while in harbour. These ships will be one of the main elements of the gas logistic line in the harbours of tomorrow.
Specialized vessels
Backed by its diversified experience as shipbuilder, STX France offers high-added value solutions for specialized ships. STX France assets in this field are numerous.
STX France focuses on the hereunder markets and offers its customers turnkey projects, both at engineering and construction levels.