STX France offers a wide range of fast patrol and interception vessels, designed for long missions at slow speed.
Designed for both naval and public service missions, STX France's patrol frigates have been yet delivered to the French Navy and the Morocan Royal Navy.
Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) are multipurpose vessels, ensuring operational functions of amphibious ship, helicopter carrier, central command ship and hospital ship.
As an expert of the high value added ship market, STX France offers his know-how to design and build scientific ships.
STX France is working on the future needs of the navies, especially in the fields of logistic support.
Naval vessels
With 150 years of history,
STX France is renowned worldwide for designing
and building complex and innovative ships.
This long experience gained on civilian markets has been applied for decades to the navies that have taken advantage of COTS equipment for acquisition
and maintenance as well as proven technical solutions.