Progress plan

The development plan launched end 2010 aims at boosting and coordinating STX France steps towards progress, in line with the company strategy over the next 3 to 5 years.
For STX France, the purpose of this corporate development plan is to reach the best competitive level in order to strengthen its position on the international market. The improvement actions identified by each and every one in the company, are expected to enable 15% gain in productivity.
New markets
winning new contracts with the aim
of becoming a major player in the fields
of the renewable energy.
Emphasize innovation process with the aim
of anticipating the customer needs, proposing distinguished offers and asserting our leadership.
Upgrade our production yard, by investing
into new design and production facilities.
Support performance efforts in order to reach
the best level and strengthen our position.
This development plan is divided into growth levers. All are driven by a pilot and dedicated teams; each one is assigned annual goals. Their achievement triggers part of profit-sharing for the employees.