Launched in 2009, after 2 years of work in the framework of the R&D activity, Ecorizon® is a global and structured tool, allowing the reduction of the environmental footprint of the ships built by STX France, while securing their economic profitability.
This programme is divided into 5 axis:
- Energy management
- Air emission management
- Waste management
- Water management
- Sustainable design
Energy management
35%: it’s the amount of energy that can be saved compared to the last generation of ship thanks to our solutions.
Some examples
• Optimization of hull appendages and propulsion systems
• Reduction in the consumption of energy consuming systems (HVAC, machine auxiliaries, lighting…)
• Advanced heat recovery plants in Diesel engines and waste treatment plants.
Air emission management
The aim is to reduce the ship impact on global warming and on air quality to anticipate on the evolution of international rules and regulations. At the beginning, the studies were connected to the ones developed in the frame of the energy management, but they extend their scope to air emissions treatment and to the use of new power source as liquefied natural gas.
Some figures
Thanks to our solutions, air emissions are reduced by:
• 50% for CO2
• 95% for SOX
• 80% for NOx
• 100% for visible smokes and other kinds of particles
Waste management
Solutions offered by STX France allow:
• To increase the ration of recycled wastes
• To turn them into energy
• To generate less air emissions and disposal at sea
• To offer more compact equipment and operational enhancements
Water management
Developping water management solutions meets two main targets:
• Protect the marine ecosystem
• Optimize the water cycle, from fresh water generation to post-treatment

Optimization of the water cycle is reached thanks to:
• Installation of optimized systems for fresh water production
• Reduction of water consumption
• Reuse of air conditioning condensates
• Water ballast treatment
Sustainable design
This chapter of ECORIZON® programme takes into consideration the environmental issues from the ship design stage to her dismantling, thanks especially to the development of specific tools and methods analysing the ship lifecycle.
Today, STX France is able to offer its customers the IHM – Inventory of Hazardous Materials – delivering a list of the potentially hazardous materials installed on board, their location and quantity to ease their recycling.